Why LiteBlox Is Perfect For the Lotus Exige V6

After many years of good service by my Braille Li battery came to its last few days of life. It’s my fault, over winter I got careless with connecting it to the battery tender and left it for over three weeks to find it had drawn down below a safe level and decided to commit suicide. Once a Li battery decides to go to the over side there's no coming back :(

For sure I knew I’d never go back to a traditional battery, pound for pound, a Li battery is the cheapest and quickest way to reduce considerable weight from the Lotus which ill touch on later.

LiteBlox vs OEM Battery Lotus Exige

However, I didn’t want to get myself into the same position as I found with the Braille, we humans do easily make excuses for ourselves… “Ah bugger I forgot to put the charger on… it’s too cold to go back out and its just started raining” go to sleep ZZZzzzzzz morning comes round rush to work forget to put car on charge (then forget).

In this day and age there’s an app for anything and this is where I started to get interested in LiteBlox. Forget the carbon design, it’s the technology behind this latest Generation 4 battery that becomes really interesting, because not only is the battery super light but the app starts to provide convenience and capabilities like no other Li battery on the market.

After meeting with the team and their MD I was really happy with what they had to offer and yes, the battery is just ultra carbonographic … how can a battery just be soo beautiful?

Liteblox Lithium Battery

Playing around with the app it was clear to see some of the benefits, two of which struck out for me, real time visibility of battery health and charge, and importantly the ability to turn the battery off and on again when remote via BlueTooth. This last point being the added convenience and security I wanted as I invested in my next Li battery. 

Fast forward two weeks and my first delivery of LiteBlox batteries arrive and it’s time for an unboxing video :)

I’m now about three months with the LiteBlox on my own Lotus Exige V6 and I’ve been very impressed with the convenience of the app allowing me to disconnect at will and with ease to prolong the lifetime of the battery.

Further, with the recent announcement from LiteBlox offering an optional lifetime warranty for sure in my mind there is no better lithium battery option on the market today.

Check out the LiteBlox product yourself in the Alias23 store: CLICK HERE

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