About US


I always admired Lotus, but never thought I’d own one, coming from a background of owning BMW CSL, R35 GTR, and 997.2 GT3, on track I never found a Lotus that made me think ‘wow’

Then in 2014 with my GT3 sold, I started to look for something new, something that would bring me back to the core of driving, force me to learn to drive better, and be more track focused.

The YouTube video review from Chris Harris on the Exige V6S sparked my attention and then my obsession. More power, bigger physics, great handling (“of the gods”), and super car looks. I was seriously sold, and it didn’t take long to purchase and start my Lotus journey.

I’ve always modified my cars, typically brakes and suspension first, and I was disappointed by the lack of choice and fairly priced aftermarket products for the Lotus Exige S3 platform.

There where lots of options for the Lotus Elise and Esprit but nothing really for the V6S at the time and anything that was available was highly priced. I also have my own ideas of what I want to do with my car and often what I have in my head isn’t always available, be it the approach to manufacture, materials used, or overall aesthetics.

So I started to make products for my own car, to which I shared on my build thread, this led to small production runs for friends I’d started to make in the Lotus community and across a number of Lotus Clubs and forums. There is something quite special about the Lotus community so I was very happy to give back.

Demand started to grow to the point where I needed to register as a business in 2019. Fast forward to today and the product catalogue has grown to include performance, aero, and lotus tuning parts. The majority of my customers are based in the UK and Europe but with increasing demand world wide.

FAST FORWARD TO 2021... Expanding out into McLaren Tuning

2021 I got into a very lucky position to move on to what many would say is the supercar next step from a Lotus - The McLaren 600LT.

The best way to describe the car is one of a love child between a Lotus Exige and Nissan GTR! Like when I started with Lotus it seems as though the McLaren community is plaqued by parts having a 'McLaren Tax Add On' or parts not even readily available. As I did with Lotus I hope to the do the same for McLaren and open up the options for McLaren tuning and performance parts at a fairer price for the community.


I do see ALIAS23 as a project rather than a business, it’s important to highlight that it is not a business with a big workshop, lots of money, investment, and lots of staff. It is manned by me as a sideline with an aim to give back to the Lotus community a wider range of products and tuning components at a price point which is fair. All products sold are tested by me and I don’t sell any product I wouldn’t have on my own car. More so the product catalogue is generally dictated by products or upgrades I want for my own car. Owner run and community supported.