Pagid RSC1 Sport Front & Rear Brake Pads for McLaren 600LT & 720S

Pagid RSC1 Sport Front & Rear Brake Pads for McLaren 600LT & 720S

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Full Brake Kit - Front & Rear

The stock OEM Mclaren pads are perfectly fine for the road. However if you're starting to go on track or your on road deriving is lets see somewhat spirited, they can become a little bit of a liability.

As you would expect from a road designed pad they wear very quickly when used beyond normal road driving. This wear unfortunately is not just isolated to the pad but also wear of the ceramic discs which is accelerated. 

By changing to a track/road designed pad, Pagid RSC1 being my preference, you have a pad which is designed for that more aggressive driving and by design is better on wear of both pad and those expensive ceramic discs.

Pagid RSC1 compound brake pads have been specifically engineered for use with ceramic discs. Suitable for race or track day use, they offer a medium level of friction with a medium initial bite.

  • Designed only for use with ceramic brake discs
  • Promotes longer disc life
  • Flat friction curve over a wide temperature range for predictable braking 
  • Suitable for race or track day use

Pagid RSC1 brake pads are an excellent all round performer which give drivers confidence in braking. They have a medium / high wear rate and are kind to discs. 

PLEASE NOTE: This is a full kit front and read pads it is not possible to mix the pads. Also bedding in is very very important, it is crucial that the time and correct bedding in process is followed correctly!


Pagid RSC1 brake pads are designed for competition / off-road use.