Lotus Exige V6 CupR Front Splitter reinforcement plate
Exige V6 Front Clam Reinforcement
Exige V6 Front Clam Reinforcement

Exige V6 Front Clam Reinforcement

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Under high speed track and autobahn antics the Lotus Exige V6 S3 CupR TRACK front splitter creates a significant amount of down force. Without sufficient support to the front clam the fibreglass can feel the strain and in extreme cases crack at the fixture points between the splitter and clam.

See our post 'The Need For Reinforcement'

Our reinforcement plate is strongly recommended for anyone purchasing our CupR Track front splitter who intends to use the car on track days or at high speeds.

The reinforcement plate sits inside the front clam and provides sufficient strength to cope with the downforce demands of our track splitter. Tested recently at SPA flat out over kerbs at Eau Rouge it proved invincible! 

Kit comes with new M6 fixings and retains all OEM fixing points (no modification).