KW Automotive HAS Suspension Kit Mclaren 570S & 600LT
KW Automotive HAS Suspension Kit Mclaren 570S & 600LT
KW Automotive HAS Suspension Kit Mclaren 570S & 600LT

KW Automotive HAS Suspension Kit Mclaren 570S & 600LT

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KW Height Adjustable Spring Kit for the Mclaren 570S & 600LT

For many years, the KW automotive GmbH is the epitome for premium products in car tuning and automobile refinement. 

KW automotive GmbH develops racing solutions for national and international motor sports. The racing programme KW competition is successfully used by numerous racing teams on many race tracks around the world.

The company was founded in 1995 and at the beginning it only existed of three employees and had an operating area of 1600 sq.ft. Today, KW automotive GmbH is represented all over the world and has approx. 200 employees in five locations. After numerous expansions at the company headquarters in Fichtenberg, the overall production- and floor space now stretches over 247,500 sq.ft. The continually growing delivery programme includes many thousand applications and now we can offer applications for the Mclaren range :)

The springs have a sporty, harmonic spring rate, and allow a stepless lowering of 5 - 15 millimeters on both axles.

The KW threaded sleeves mounted on the McLaren struts allow for a continuous adjustment of the lowering on both axles. The tested adjustment range is between 5 and 15 millimeters. The height-adjustable spring set can be installed within a few working units with all the necessary accessories.

The KW elastomer spring elements included are always adapted to the greatest possible lowering with the coil spring set. On the McLaren 570S and 600LT, when installing the height-adjustable springs, the standard bellows can also be used. Even the standard lift kit for lifting the vehicle’s body, when the parking garage ramps are too steep, remains functional after the installation of the KW coil springs.

In essence this kit is designed for those wanting to perfect their ideal stance of their 570S and 600LT without impacting ride quality and by utilising the core components of the incredible Mclaren OEM suspension setup. It's a win win.