ENDLESS CCD-A Compound Mclaren 720S / 600LT Front Brake Pads

ENDLESS CCD-A Compound Mclaren 720S / 600LT Front Brake Pads

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FRONT Brake Pads PAIR (Rear Pair Available HERE)

Countless laps and numerous road trips in our Mclaren have proven to us that the Endless brake pads are the ultimate pad of choice for those with a high spirited driving/track bias.

There is no point providing a comparison to OEM. Equally even against the Pagid alternative, which we also sell, the Endless pads are simply in a league of their own.

Stopping power is soo much better, at Silverstone and Donington we found ourselves having to re-adjust our brains to later braking points!!!! 

Hands down the best pad we have tested on track! If you're 70/30 track to road this is the pad for you. If the other way round you're best to check Pagid's.

We use the CCD-A compound
 which can be used for both road and track use. This pad has good heat resistance, pad wear, anti-fade characteristics and pedal feeling.

The pad is significantly higher price to OEM and Pagid but since testing the performance benefits we won't use anything else when tracking our Mclaren's.