SlipLo vs Scrape Armour Front Splitter & Bumper Protection


Choosing the Best Front Bumper Protection for Your McLaren or Lotus

Everyday hazards such as potholes, road undulations, and speed bumpers are a threat to the front splitters and bumpers of our cars. With Mclaren and Lotus splitters constructed from carbon fibre a simple scrape can result in costly repairs or replacement.

Investing in front splitter and bumper protection is a no-brainer. I’m going to compare two popular options – Scrape Armour and SlipLo – I’ll share why we chose Sliplo as our preferred option not only for our own cars but also the Mclaren and Lotus community.

Scrape Armour: The Contender

Scrape Armour is a well-known name in the world of front bumper protection, boasting a durable construction and solid reputation among car owners. Here's what it brings to the table: 

  1. Robust Protection: One of the big selling points of the Scrape Armour solution is its material which is generally made from tough ABS plastic. Its strong, however due to the install process (below), I worry if its also a threat as a big knock could dislodge the plate from its mounting position and cause more damage to the actual splitter and bumper.
  2. OEM+ Design: The Scrape Armour is very well designed, each application is specifically made for the car model in question. So it has a very OEM+ design and appearance albeit no one is going to see it as its under your car and not visible.
  3. Professional Installation Required: While Scrape Armour provides solid protection, it typically requires professional installation, involving drilling into your splitter and bumper. I personally am not shy of drilling into bodywork where needed but the idea of drilling into carbon fibre somewhat makes me a bit uneasy.
  4. Cost: Scrape Armour is expensive circa £600-800 for the plates themselves then plus the install which is likely another £200-300. Kind of makes you think why do a lot of the exotic tuners and detailers choose it as their preferred option – Well it’s got a good return for them, margin on the plates, then revenue from install ;)

SlipLo: The Champion

Now, let's take a closer look at SlipLo, another well known name in this space of front splitter and bumper protection but with a different approach to installation and construction. In my mind SlipLo offers the best solution for McLaren and Lotus owners who want simplicity, affordability, but still good scrape protection:

  1. Hard Density Rubber vs ABS Plastic: Unlike the ABS plastic from Scrape Armour, SlipLo is made from strips of hard density rubber. It’s much more pliable, flexible, and adaptable to installation and scrapes. I personally feel the rubber also provides a little ‘give’ to handling scrapes vs having physical fixing points in the carbon splitter or bumper which could be dislodged on impact.
  2. Strips vs Fixed Design Plates: SlipLo comes in strips, our kits are made up to provide the right number of strips based on your Lotus or Mclaren specific model. The use of stripes also gives you the freedom to cut and shaped for where you want to apply the protection vs the fixed position of a plate.
  3. Easy, Drill-free Installation: Unlike Scrape Armour, SlipLo's innovative design allows for hassle-free installation with no drilling, cutting, or modifications required. Simply clean, peel, and stick. It’s very easy to install and most customer’s self-install. To aid with installation surface cleaner/adhesive promoter is provided as standard in our kits. We’ve had three years running the SlipLo kit on our Mclaren and Lotus cars and had no strips come away from the bodywork even after all our yearly track seasons!
  4. Low-cost, High-quality: SlipLo offers unbeatable value for money, providing good solid front bumper and splitter protection at a fraction of the cost of Scrape Armour. The our SlipLo kits are generally priced in the region of £100-£170 vs Scrape Armour kits which are generally £800-£1,100 inc installation.

The Verdict: SlipLo Takes the Win

Hopefully our break down comparison gives you food for thought on the two approaches for front bumper and splitter protection. For us SlipLo takes the win as the simple, effective, and cost effective solution.

Upgrade to SlipLo today and give your McLaren or Lotus the protection it needs:

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