McLaren Spacers - Testing & Development

As with anything testing and practise makes perfect and along the way for sure there's been some lessons learnt with designing spacers for the McLaren!

For one, a 13mm spacer does not work with a 235/35/19 tyre albeit an oversized tyre for the 600LT (opposed to the standard 225/35). So I will need to order a set of Pirelli Trofeo R's to perform further testing on the front to which I'm also now re-thinking could be better served by an 11.5mm spacer anyhow... This would then roughly match the track of a 235 tyre (225 tyre +11.5mm) which on testing I've found much better on turn in and grip.

On a positive a 13mm spacer fits perfectly on the rear, and given the anticipated track usage the decision to go with the slightly smaller 13mm spacer as opposed to the larger 15mm one I designed means a little more clearance for those hard corners and compressions.

For me 235/35 tyres front (10mm wider than standard) and a 13mm spacer at the rear seems like the best balance for the 600LT and addresses the 'tuck in' from factory especially at the rear!

Mclaren, Mclaren Spacers, Wheel SpacersMclaren, Mclaren spacers
Mclaren, McLaren Wheel Spacers
I sense folks will want to specify how 'aggressive' they go on their own car and with 11.5mm and 13mm width options available its worth sharing my recommendations on fit per McLaren model. 
McLaren Model Front Spacer Rear Spacer
McLaren 540C 11.5mm 13mm

McLaren 540C (Aggressive Stance)

13mm 15mm

McLaren 570S

11.5mm 13mm

McLaren 570s (Aggressive Stance)

13mm 15mm

McLaren 600LT (225 Front Tyres)

11.5mm 13mm

McLaren 600LT (235 Front Tyres)

- 13mm

McLaren 720S

11.5mm 15mm
Ultimately its your decision on which size you feel best fits with your model and how you want the car to look and handle. Given my track antics I chose to go a little smaller to help compensate for compression. 
You can find all spacer options in the store where they can be purchased in a pair so you can choose your front and rear specs separately to your preference. CLICK HERE TO GO TO STORE

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