Making Things Better - That Bloody Exige S3 V6 Plastic Engine Plaque

The ALIAS23 engineered engine plaque is arguably what put us on the map as our first proper product for the Exige S3 V6 and it all came from frustration of the OEM part being pretty poor quality and continuing to flake and degrade over time.

So we decided to make it better with a proper solution that enhanced the engine bay and was built to last! 

Taking inspiration from the carbon plaque off the LF1... We designed a similar themed plaque but instead of carbon decided on black anodised aluminium as our base.

Each plaque is laser cut to shape before we machine a slight bevel to the outer edge. For a perfect finish we then send the plaques to be anodised black, on their return their put back on the CNC bench for final machining.

In total the time to make each plaque is around three hours which is now short feat but we believe the end result is beyond our original expectations of the product and for sure uplifts the engine bay of the Exige V6 and we hope you agree :)

Visit the ALIAS23 Engine Plaque Product Page by Clicking HERE


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