Lotus Exige S3 V6 Tuning

One of the simplest routes to improving the sound and throttle response of a Lotus Exige V6 (this includes the original V6S, 350, and 380) is to change the air intake system. We've documented this broadly in our blog "Letting the Lotus Exige V6 Breath" this specific blog post shares the dyno testing results of the modification.

** Please note - We do not market our Exige V6 air intake kit as a guaranteed performance upgrade. The primary design of the product was to improve sound and throttle response. However we share this data in the spirit of transparency and following other owners sharing similar dyno results **

We used Litchfield Motors for the dyno run, they have in our opinion one of the best dyno machines in the UK, their reputation is first class, and they have no bias.

In essence good guys, knowledgeable, do things right, and an honest run.

Standard Lotus Exige V6 Dyno Run (OEM Airbox)

Lotus Exige V6 tuning

Standard power from factory is claimed to be 345bhp and 295lb ft of torque.

Lotus Tuning

Let’s just say on first look the 326bhp recording was somewhat disappointing!

However, such results are common on the standard Lotus Exige V6S.

Alias23 Air Intake - Exige V6S

Installation of the Alias23 air intake, and a tank full of Tesco Super Unleaded (99 Octane). Standard ECU and exhaust. The only upgrade applied was the Alias23 air intake kit.

Lotus Exige V6 Tuning

Now before we get to the run results we have to say, the results are beyond expectation and somewhat unbelievable. However a number of other owners have performed similar tests with similar results. So even though its somewhat a crazy improvement it is common.

Note, the runs where done on the same machine, same operator, and if anything the run with the Alias23 intake was undertaken at slightly higher air temperatures.

Lotus Exige V6 Tuning

Result: 391bhp and 327lb ft 

Compared to our first standard air box run the difference in numbers is somewhat questionable, so we ran three further runs getting to an average power reading of 386bhp and 323lb ft. 

We had three of the Litchfield senior techs review the data, the car setup, which gear used, anything which could distort the figures and we came back to the same answer … the numbers are real and correct. AFRs also reviewed and everything showing nice and safe even at the top end of revs.

Now when you remove the thought of our original standard run, and instead see the improvement being from 345bhp to 386bhp, everything feels more sensible.

A BIG THANKS to everyone whose been involved in this project and supported us in its development and launch. Since these dyno runs in 2019 we have sold over 100x Alias23 Air Intake kits globally!

The kit is now available on our site: Alias23 Air Intake


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