Alias23 430 Cup Carbon Fibre Side Scoop Install Guide

Alias23: Lotus Exige S3 V6 430 Extended Carbon Fibre Side Scoops Installation Guidelines

Product: Lotus Exige S3 V6 430 Extended Carbon Fibre Side Scoops


As an aftermarket motorsport part designed for track usage - Painting, installation, and usage is at owners risk.

These instructions are simply guidelines. A professional installation should always be sought with installation of this product. WARNING, MOTORSPORT OR DRIVING CAN BE DANGEROUS RESULTING IN DEATH OR PERSONAL INJURY. READ OUR FITTING INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY

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Working on your car can be a dangerous activity. If you are unsure of what you are doing, please leave mechanical or safety critical work to a skilled mechanic. We take no responsibility for the incorrect use and / or installation of this product.

Tools/Supplies Needed For Install:

  • Rachet Set with Torx socket selection

  • 50mm Diamond Drill Bit (often cheaper to buy in a set, example:

  • Rivnut Tool

  • Tiger Seal

Step One: Remove the Front Grills

Using a torx socket locate the two bolts (highlighted in red) and remove. With these bolts removed the grill simply pulls out.

Step Two: Remove OEM Scoop (part one)

Locate the bolts inside the scoop (highlighted in yellow) remove these bolts. The scoop is still fixed in place at this time by a third bolt which can only be located from inside the wheel well.

Step Three: Get the Car in the Air

Level ground, handbrake on, and follow the Lotus handbook instructions on jacking the car into the air. Follow the Lotus handbook instructions!

With the car safely jacked in the air. Remove the rear wheel.

Then proceed to remove the wheel arch trim using a trim removal tool and Philips screwdriver, there should be 6x wheel arch trim screws, and then one pull out wheel arch stud. Once these are removed the arch trim should pull out giving you access into the wheel well.

Step Four: Remove OEM Scoop (part two)

With the wheel arch trim removed.

Look inside the wheel well to the back of the OEM side scoop.

There is a third bolt which fixes the side scoop to the side of the clam (highlighted in red).

Remove this using your rachet/socket set. KEEP this bolt as we will re-use it!

With this third bolt now removed from the OEM side scoops they can be carefully pulled out (from the outside) and removed.

Step Five: Clean Up & Make Room!

With the OEM scoop now removed you will need to clean up as it will no doubt be pretty dirty. Remove the OEM wrap (highlighted in red). I also recommend a quick going over the area with a detailing clay and then a wipe over with polish/wax.

Once cleaned up, we now need to make extra room for the enlarged aperture of the new internal scoops to be installed.

This means removing the original fixing points of the OEM scoops which stick out (highlighted in yellow).

Please note this next step is non revisable and why we always recommend a professional installation.

With your 50mm Diamond Drill bit, place it over one of the fixing points (yellow) and you’ll see and feel that it’s a pretty good size to cover the whole area that needs to be removed.

Slowly begin to drill the area out, you should find the drill makes its own cut and doesn’t need too much push or force.

Pause and check progress of the cut being careful not to go too deep as you get to the final stage. Behind the clam there could be wiring which you don’t want to cut with the drill as you make the final break through. So take your time and be careful! 

Once removed, repeat for the second fixing, and then clean up as you will have a lot of dust residue.

Step Six: Test Fit & New Fixings

With the OEM fixing points now removed, the new internal scoops have room to be test fitted. The test fitment is needed to correctly mark the new fitment points we need to make (highlighted in red).


Take your time with this step. You want to ensure a sufficient gap with the door line so that you don’t have the new scoops catching with the door when opening/closing. It is also recommended to trial fit the external scoop at the same time.

Once happy with the fitment, mark up the two points for drilling, and then use a 4mm drill bit moving up to 8mm drill bit to make the new holes again being careful of potential wires behind the clam. The riv nuts to be installed are flush flanged, so you need to be careful not to have a hole too big that it falls through.

You will find 8mm is too small so you will need to gradually open the hole aperture with your drill until the fitment is nice and tight before final installation using a rivnuttool.

Before making final fitment of the inner scoop, mark up the outer edge point to where the vynl needs to be applied to align to the edge of the scoop (red line).

Then cut the supplied satin black vynl to shape before applying.

Tip: Using knifeless finish line tape will make for a more professional finish.

Step Seven: INTAKE Side Scoop (Extra Step)

The OEM intake elbow (22) needs to be removed from the OEM side scoop. To do this drill out the rivets and it should pull off.

This intake elbow can now be re-installed onto your new enlarged side scoop. Drill and use the supplied rig nuts.

Step Eight: Installing the Internal Side Scoop

With vinyl installed, re-fit the inner scoops for final fitment using the supplied Pro-Bolt anodized countersunk bolts and washers.

On the intake side of the car, the side scoop with the re-installed elbow (step seven) is tight getting into the clam, but slightly bend the plastic elbow top and it will go in with gentle persuasion.

Don’t forget to also re-fit the third OEM bolt you kept from step four. On this third bolt, the depth of how far the bolt goes in can vary! So trial fit the bolt with two of the supplied M6 penny washers, but you may find more washers are needed and the number of washers per side may also vary.

It is frustrating but a little care, trial and error, is needed. Be careful as you are trialing how many washers don’t over tighten and bottom through the hole in the scoop!

If you have a retaining an OEM air box, re-fit your air box ducting.

You can now re-fit the internal wheel arch trim, wheel, and lower the car.

Step Nine: Installing the External Side Scoop

Each Internal and External scoop is matched from factory.

Align and ’push in’ the external scoop against the internal and trial fit.

Specifically you want to get a position which is relatively aligned on the top horizontal (green) and nicely ‘sat’ against the side clam (red).

Again, take your time with trial fitting and getting a feel on how to match the external scoops to the internal ones.

Once happy mark up the two internal fixing points to be made into the side sills for the external scoops (yellow). Remove the outer scoop and drill two pilot holes which will be used for the self tapping bolts later in the install.

Again, take your time with trial fitting and getting a feel on how to match the external scoops to the internal ones.

Once happy mark up the two internal fixing points to be made into the side sills for the external scoops (yellow). Remove the outer scoop and drill two pilot holes which will be used for the self tapping bolts later in the install.

Tiger seal is permanent hence the recommendation to practice getting a feel before going on to finally fix.

To final fix, apply a liberal amount of tiger seal to the outside of the inner scoop which mates with the outer CF scoop (red). Try not to go too far to the edge with the application as you don’t want it to bleed onto the clam.

Once attached you’ve got a few minutes to move and tweak fitment before the Tiger Seal finally cures.

Install the two self tapping Pro-Bolts into the two pre-drilled pilot holes (yellow - note this pic is on non intake side of car). That’s the intake side done J

Now repeat the same process on the non-intake side! Good luck and once again thank you for your order and continued support!

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