Lotus Exige V6 Track Front Splitter CupR
Exige V6 TRACK Front Splitter
Lotus Exige V6 Track Front Splitter CupR
Lotus Exige V6 Track Front Splitter CupR

Exige V6 TRACK Front Splitter

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The Lotus Exige V6 S3 CupR aero kit by Lotus Motorsport increases the downforce of the Lotus Exige V6 by 30%, this is achieved mainly by the fixed rear wing and enlarged front splitter, we'd all love to say those front canards are functional... but lets be honest they're more for looks!

We took the design of the CupR front splitter and retained all fixing points to the clam (no modification needed).

The OEM V6 Sport splitter has a 40mm overhang, our CupR TRACK variant is double at 80mm overhang.

The TRACK variant of our CupR front splitter will generate downforce at high speeds, so we strongly suggest if you are going to use it for track day or autobahn antics that you SHOULD also purchase the re-enforcement plate which is available on our site. Without this additional support you run the risk of putting too much pressure on the front clam at high speeds and fracturing the OEM fixing points of the fibreglass.

With the re-enforcement plate you'll give the front clam the necessary support to handle the additional downforce. As we tested at Eau Rouge 133mph across the curbs so we know it does its job!

See our blog post 'The Need For Reinforcement'

MotorSport Part - Track use only.